TEDxYouthWrigleyville is an independently organized day-long TED event, operated under an exclusive license from TED worldwide.

The centralized theme of the event, “Youth, American Style” focused on exploring various aspects of youth identity.


Our mission is to build a network of leaders who seek to broaden their understanding of self, culture and the world, for themselves and generations of Chicagoans to come. Presenters will share tips and tools to foster resilience and create a safe and successful future. We’re connecting promising high school graduates–many of whom are first generation college students–with local professionals who can inspire our future leaders with integrity, intention and purpose.

Directors and Lead Curators

Shermin Headshot 2

Shermin Kruse

President and Chair

Roxy Bargoz

Director of Operations

Rebekah Raleigh

Chief Creative Director

Brooke Tovar

Communications Director

Katherine Chairez


Melinda Holland

Director of Partnerships

Ann Marie Byers

Director of Legal Operations

Maaike Almeida

Director of Space Design

Monica Bernardo

Project Manager and Liaison to Youth Curators

Jason Hsu

Chief Technology Director

Additional Curators

Terese Connolly

Daphne Ortiz

Shoba Pillay

Naiya Mehta

Angelo Chairez

Ryan Kalous

Connor Mautner

Jaime Grodsky

Caroline Adelman

Ghazal Banisadr

Youth Curators

Monica Bernardo

Sebastian Agignoae

Reese Klem

Julissa Martinez

Elise Kruse

Pierce Kruse