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FaceMePorFavor is a free artistic platform that develops portraiture as a tool to celebrate difference, nurture community, and share stories with the goal of connecting residents to each other. Our goal is to celebrate and promote the stories and communities that structure each city. FaceMePorFavor is about bridging connections within the various locations and areas of different cities and uniting them around a common theme: the human experience. The stories shared addressed a range of universal experiences as participants articulated their struggles, life goals, anxieties, joys and everything in between. Since starting FaceMePorFavor in 2017, we have participated in three artist residencies, were commissioned by different non-profit organizations and been involved in several street art festivals in the United States as well as in South America.

Since Victoria Eidelsztein (Argentinian) graduated UMSA in 2013 with a BFA in Visual Arts, she has explored and translated her art style through several mediums. Her career has evolved from printmaking, live digital drawings, illustration, and now to street art and murals. She has exhibited her work in different collective and individual shows, as well as participated in several artist residencies.

After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012, Matt started painting murals under the name Limpio. Through Limpio, he has had the opportunity to work as a traveling muralist. Within the medium of street art, he paints artwork that celebrates natural ecosystems and endangered animals. For the last four years he has been living on and off in Argentina with Victoria, where they started FaceMePorFavor together.



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TEDxYouth@Wrigleyville is an independently organized day-long TED event, operated under an exclusive license from TED worldwide. This inaugural, landmark event will be coming to Chicago on August 4th, 2019 at the Center on Halsted. The centralized theme of the event will be “Youth, American Style” and will focus on exploring various aspects of youth identity.

TEDxYouth@Wrigleyville engages youth across Chicago who seek to broaden their understanding of self, culture and the world. Presenters will share tips and tools to foster resilience and create a safe and successful future. By inviting 1 youth from each of Chicago’s 50 wards we aspire to build a cohort of solutions- focused leaders who can inspire fellow youth by leading with integrity, intention and purpose.



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TEDxYouthWrigleyville is a full-day conference including 10-15 talks and experiences, each presenting a unique idea falling within the “Youth, American Style” theme. TED limits inaugural event live audiences to 100, but the talks and performances (including your business logo) are uploaded to the TEDx website reaching audiences worldwide.